Merrige brand works on beauty and health of women and combines traditional care and shaping perfectly to make fashionable and healthy specialized functional shapewear.


Guided by the traditional care concept, combine with advanced technological shaping technology, establish a scientific and perfect health shaping system, spread a healthy lifestyle, and help beauty-loving women have beautiful body shape and healthy concept.

"Merrige" Shapewear

combine with the idea of trandition care, reshape figure scientifically for the purpose of shape truely healthy and beautiful body


Combining women's body features and ergonomics technology, scientific tailoring, light pressure and comfortable, just right management of free fats, prevening from drinking and eating too much, allowing you to easily have a moving S-curve, just let you have a healthy thinness and beautiful style.

comfortable and soft 

Revolutionary soft-shaping light- pressure functional shapewear

brings a comfortable and soft feeling to the body

sexy shaping

High-density jacquard locking fat fabric combines with scientific tailoring, guiding fat distribution to a reasonable location, achieving simple slimming and scientific shaping effect. With a concave-convex and nice figure, the women naturally stretches and shows her sexiness.

Relieve Dysmenorrhea

Deep V-neck/ design, gather and improve the chest shape, tight abdominal design, light pressure to make abdomen in, tighten and lift the hip, shape the perfect waist line. 


Large V back and exquisite lace, firmly lifting process, keep women back straight, improve vertebral health, greatly show the elegant temperament. 


Redefine comfortable shaping

Warm womb and protect the kidney, promote blood circulation and promote elimination of the toxin in body, maintain beauty and beautiful skin, one air conditioning clothes. 

Protect waist and warm womb,and protect people from air conditioning attacks in summer

Full care of all parts of the body, shaping in the right way.

External locking fat fabric, inner germanium mesh fabric, double combination, perfect abdomen in 

High waist design, volcanic energy stone in the back waist, protect waist and kidney 

patented lacet technology, elegant decoration, exquisite bottoming, slim legs without pressure

double hips lifting effect, shape prefect hip